Upcoming Event: Utilizing Behavioral Analysis to Prevent Cross Border Crimes
18 11 2020

Protecting coastline borders presents critical security challenges for law enforcers and the broader border protection community. With around 90% of world trade transported by sea, there are plenty of opportunities to be exploited by terrorists, illegal migrants, drug and arms smugglers, human traffickers, and organized crime.

In this  invite-only webinar, we will explore strategic and tactical measures to secure this complex and challenging environment. We will showcase how technology can help analyze standard and anomalous patterns in order to evaluate the risk of vessels, cargo, and the entities in charge of the vessel operations.

You will hear from experts on:

  • Practical ways to proactively control borders
  • Looking at vessels activities to uncover actionable insights
  • Going beyond the ‘here and now’ to improve situational awareness
  • Who should attend?

This webinar is for government stakeholders, decision-makers, officers, analysts, and investigators involved in countering illicit activities and combating cross border crimes.  These include government authorities, border protection agencies, customs, coast guards, and law enforcement agencies.

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