The tide of digital innovation is rising on the Blue Economy.
23 09 2020

Enabled by improving connectivity, new space capabilities and advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence the Blue Economy is increasingly recognised as a market of substantial opportunity. The UNCTAD estimate the Blue Economy to be worth in excess of $3Trillion USD a year and it is growing.

The question now musts be, how can those advances in technology come together with science and business to create sustainable economic growth and prosperity?!  In this webinar we will explore how oceanic data and advanced technologies can be leveraged to enable maritime businesses to sustainably embrace digital transformation and the future whilst helping to improve carbon emissions and drive cost reductions.
Join us as we speak with leading maritime experts including
  • Professor Alex Rogers, Rev Ocean's Science Director,
  • Nick Lambert, Co-founder & Director, NLA International
  • Dr. Peter Collinson, Marine Robotics Specialist and former Global Environmental Response Expert at BP
  • Kiran Venkatesh, CEO & Co-founder, FrontM
  • Lisa Moore (HOST) - VP Commercial Product Management, FrontM
In this webinar you will learn about:
  • The strategic and oceanic operational barriers that need to be tackled to enable shipping companies to embrace the Connectivity, AI and Big Data Revolution
  • 5G, Satcoms and worldwide connectivity combined with the latest in computing power and advanced analytics - Has the future already arrived?
  • Which of the latest and greatest technology offers in the market are the ‘real deal’, and which ones may be overhyped? How can you tell?
  • How can maritime organisations of any size maximise big data connectivity capabilities to  reduce costs and sustainably improve efficiencies?

Join us at 13:00 (UTC+1) on 14 October 2020

Influence and drive sustainable, digital change in our new world by registering to participate for free here and join our global Live Webinar with FrontM to enter the worldwide discussion on the digitisation of the Blue Economy.

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