Developing a sustainable ocean economy is vital to the future of our planet

Nations are increasingly recognising the value of their seas and oceans and exploring how best to harness that wealth. This opens a host of opportunity for industry and academia. The stage is set for a surge in Blue Growth the challenge is to ensure it is founded on systems and models that ensure that growth sustains the ocean environment as well as the people and blue economies that rely upon it.

Our ability to achieve this will therefore depend on the effectiveness of individual and global efforts to:

  • Protect and preserve ocean life
  • Promote and pioneer the Blue Economy, in order to add value and attract additional investment that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

New strategic insight

Innovation will without question play a pivotal role in supporting these aims in the coming century. We at NLA International Ltd place this at the core of our solutions. We provide  strategic insight and operational energy to catalyse new and much needed targeted action in this realm. We transpose technologies and approaches across domains to deliver positive and sustainable impact through our engagement with governments, NGOs, academic institutions and businesses small and large.

The ocean economy is essential to the future welfare and prosperity of humankind… However, the maritime industry is poised to undergo a profound transition [as] new activities are emerging that are reshaping and diversifying maritime industries”

— OECD (2016), ‘The Ocean Economy in 2030’, OECD Publishing, Paris

If you are just beginning to explore opportunities that are opening up within the Blue Economy and are looking for more information, the OECD article, The Ocean Economy in 2030, is an excellent place to start.

It gives a great insight into the sheer scale and value of the ocean economy and it’s importance to the future of the global economy and the preservation of the environment.

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