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Blue Economy Strategy

Releasing the potential of your ocean space requires vision but that vision is only brought to life by robust and well considered policy. Our team works at regional and national levels – informed by international best practice, international law and policy – to develop meaningful National Ocean Policy frameworks that enable Blue Economies by uniting efforts and galvanising commitment and resource.

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et en francais ici Stratégie Nationale de l’Economie Bleue

Blue Economy Security

A nation with ocean assets has great wealth. That wealth is precious and vulnerable. As economies grow the need to protect natural assets and human activity at sea grows too. Our team of experts develop situational awareness solutions that bring transparency to marine and maritime activity. Monitoring activity allows marine spatial planning and provides early warning of accidents, spills, crime, pollution, climate and coastal change.

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et en francais ici La Sécurité de l’Economie Bleue

Blue Economy Markets

The Blue Economy is vast and hungry for solutions to a host of technological, operational, safety and security needs. The appetite for innovation is strong but for many companies these are uncharted waters. We support innovators and entrepreneurs to understand the market potential of their ideas and to develop their offerings to meet Blue Economy needs – from undertaking primary market research to finding and approaching paying customers.

To test the growth potential of your innovation please contact us at

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Blue Economy Solutions

The diverse and highly experienced team of Blue Economy experts at NLA International are all creative problem solvers. The strengths of our diverse skill sets are united by our shared passion for innovation in order to sustain the seas and oceans and the people and economies that rely upon them. We build effective bespoke teams quickly and support our clients by leading projects and programmes with pace – delivering quickly but always with an eye on long-term outcomes – and with rigour – finding the right solutions, not just the obvious ones.

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Expert Witness

Our team includes accomplished maritime operators, navigators, hydrographers and maritime domain awareness experts. We support clients in legal cases through the provision of expert witness services.

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