Offshore Wind - Lessons from the UK
12 08 2023

NLA International was very pleased to support a webinar hosted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) last week, exploring lessons in the development of offshore wind in the UK.

Presenters David Still CBE and Bill Grainger - both NLAI Associates - shared a wide range of accessible, practical advice on technical aspects and broader strategic drivers behind the UK’s progress. You can view their highly informative presentation here and their slide deck is available here.

Multi-function opportunities

We were also very keen to highlight the potential crossovers with the MARES concept, which looks to integrate marine renewable energy with other marine and maritime initiatives, in multifunction projects. The projects mentioned later in the presentation by NLAI Director Andy Hamflett include…


We would like to give thanks to ADB (especially to Steve Peters for suggesting and Ranishka Wimalasena for moderating) for creating this opportunity.

Make sure you follow ADB’s work on Healthy Oceans and Sustainable Blue Economies - as their strategy evolves there will be much more to come there.

NLAI offers a variety of strategy, knowledge and operational delivery services - in offshore wind and a much broader range of Blue Economy domains. To discuss any of these, please contact

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