International Forum of Seafarers
28 03 2020

The combined exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of African nations exceed 13.5 million square kilometres. Many African nations have an EEZ that far greater than that nation’s land area. Within those waters are some of the richest fisheries in the World. Beneath those waters lay oil, gas and mineral reserves, many yet to be fully measured let alone explored. Many African nations are justifiably proud of the beauty of their marine environments and the precious nature of their marine ecosystems. There is no doubt that such a vast ocean space offers substantial Blue Economy Potential.
With OECD predictions suggesting the Blue Economies of the world will be valued at USD 3Trillion by 2030 it is essential that Africa seizes the moment and forges a path to realise its ocean wealth.The International Forum of Seafarers was held in Dakhla, on 23 and 24 November 2019 to consider these macro opportunities.

The event, convened by ACCI and partners, including NLA International, brought together 27 nations and their perspectives on the Blue Economy. This event, envisaged as being the first of many, provided a focal point for the nations of Africa as they explored and capitalized upon the opportunities presented by their ocean wealth.

As well as containing the recommendations from the forum the report (available to download in English and French Rapport Forum Dakhla 2019 French Version  Report Forum Dakhla 2019 English Version) provides an overview of the forum and conveys the nature of the event providing a document to spread the messages and enthusiasm that generated with a view to creating a specific framework for the establishment of the African Annual Summit on the Blue Economy.

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