NLA International join forces with the James Michel Foundation to make Blue Economies work
09 08 2021

St Pierre Island - Seychelles

NLA International join forces with the James Michel Foundation to make Blue Economies work


Leading Blue Economy solutions company, NLA International Ltd, is pleased to announce their formal partnership with the trail-blazing Blue Economy organisation, the James Michel Foundation.


The Blue Economy offers potential on a global scale, promising stability, prosperity and security to nations and regions. Collaboration is key to developing sustainable solutions that unlock the potential of the global oceans.


The James Michel Foundation has built a reputation as an international advocate for Blue Economy thinking since it was established in 2017. Drawing on the experiences of its founder, former President of the Seychelles James Michel, the Foundation recognises the role the Blue Economy can play to meet the challenges of climate change whilst providing a viable mechanism for the sustainable development of small island developing states.


NLA International recognises the value of ocean advocacy and the role the ocean plays in Blue Economies. Complementing the advocacy of the James Michel Foundation, NLA International’s team have an established reputation for delivery of Blue Economy solutions and thought leadership.


Cementing actions to realise Blue Economies and the benefits they afford the world is a task literally of global scale. To achieve the goal of making Blue Economies work, international partnerships are key.


The combined skills, reach, presence and networks of the James Michel Foundation and NLA Internationally offer an impact greater than the sum of their parts.


Leveraging the most recent White Paper, Blue Economies in Practice - Raising Lives and Livelihoods, the James Michel Foundation and NLA International will work together to:


  • Advocate for Blue Economies
  • Understand user needs and then scope and deliver Blue Economy solutions to meet them
  • Inspire future generations of ocean advocates


“The global oceans are a source of natural capital that could revolutionise the way we work with nature. By creating regenerative ecosystems we can build sustainable prosperity. Our partnership with NLA International allows us to achieve more, sooner.” James Michel, Executive Chairman, the James Michel Foundation.


NLAI Co-Founder Jonathan Turner commented: “The exciting opportunity to partner with the James Michel Foundation allows both organisations to pool our research, learning and solutions. This will not only amplify our work and the positive impact it brings to the world, but will enable us to identify, together, what more we can do to make an impact within targeted marine and maritime projects. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the JMF as we work together to bring Blue Economies to life – in the Seychelles and across the world.”


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